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Sunday, May 29, 2022

The Book of Useless Similes


The Book of Useless Similes

As mingle as whale

As dance as cardigan

As drama as sedge

Lucerne like negritude

Immolation like a frankfurter

A tickle like a garbage can

As Helvetica as Norwich

Grackle like tincture

As forest as glimmer

Nuke like tanager

Restless as pao

Gerrymandered like tone deaf

As cuttlefish as dustbunny

As antiquated as iguana

As spiked as notion

As flow as tintype

As boom as purchase

Color like catastrophe

Bean like electron cloud

As theater as marzipan

As Lorelei as rampart

As banana as Ibrahim

A torture like dispensation

Noodle like armature

Release like burrow-owl

Awl like teenager

As orchard as tuna

Dispel like anchorite

Foil like turtledove

Orbit like omicron

Levity like fashionshow

Chow-chow like framework

Tank like harbinger

Naturalize like Waukesha

Titillate like evidence

As crucifix as divertimento

Rally like roadkill

Simper like jargon

As fumarole as switchback

Damage like corn pop

As Pope as wool

As ape as Cornwall

As dent as mote

As random as fizz

As extramarital as ecosphere

As rigid as rhyme

As Grendel as architecture

Wax like lung

Trash like hemisphere

Theory like bantam

Exoskeleton like Eeyore

As grain as noodle

As dark as sphagnum

As deer as ice

As sap as archway

As negative as sheep

As tankard as braincase

As murder as metaphor

As racial as burl

As noticeable as abstract

As cereal as Argonaut

As quince as abbey

As orchard as lamprey

As damage as wrinkle

Mendacious as barbecue

Undercurrent like prioritize

Aluminum as fuck

Dance like midwife

Enter like cheese

Roof like albatross

Essence like goat

Rumble like mountain

Excel like Snodgrass

Empire like larch

Resemble like Enoch

Enable like sassafras

Scandal like toenail

Edge like freedom

Mark like attitude

Darken like analog

As tablet as nature

As circumvent as Mercedes

As righteous as crackle

As duet as earnest

As favored as chicle

As numinous as apple

As effort as cheddar

As music as refuse

As numerous as legislate

As match as wrangle

As tank as tab

As roots as tangle

As masticate as satellite

As matrimony as escarole

Binnacle like marshmallow

Dirty as semaphore

Oceanographical like woodlouse

As silence as foeder

As dingle as damsel

As mandible as follicle

Trash like Hecuba

Mope like calliope

Creche like hinterland

Mind as potting shed

Dredge like nuclear

Crash like ambergris

Reckon like rock tumbler

Fragment like neutralize

Act like oscillate

Divine as doorknob

Flambeaux as rationalize

Timber as lubricated

Vape like singleton

Ask like ethanol

Oil like origin

Titrate like estimable

Grant as famish

As tire as strawberry

motive as cephalopod

tangent as miso

regent as woke

turbid as photoreceptor

reveant as nacho

foolish as stank

metaphorical as oak

staggering as puerile

risible as mud

credence as croquet

dirigible as snowflake

veritable as otters

rigid as consideration

cabbage as fame

similar as nosebleed

tackle like dank

frame like foreskin

crab like Toledo

orange like lapdog

rape as nuclear

tangle like grandiloquence

toodle like ice cream

as fascist as lux

as lurid as matchstick

as crawdad as calcium

as echo as mandible

as credible as pork-pie

as trashy as ileum

as nurture as crème brûlée

as notated as piston-ring

as various as smooth-bore

as paper as crowd

as vapid as lasso

as Dreamsicle as crease

as vegetable as facile

as shell as mark

as marl as dark

as pile as snack

as feral as rich

as rice as rock

as sand as maybe

as meat as joy

as plane as vapor

as wrench as rude

as bark as trash

as wire as sanctified

as wide as warship

as super as promotional

as weave as famous

as shadow as garrulous

as granular as magic

as drive as plastic

as muffin as static

as square as title

as gospel as lye

as quick as candle

as suspension as miracle

as branch as backing

as pincer as lens-cap

as massy as dial-tone

as database as ton

as wreck as headphone

as leather as tendon

as adaptable as mammary

premium as stain

verdant as brand

damnable as coffee

woolen as boys

as salt as abstraction

as melt as lobster

as quail as concentrate

as madrigal as bonesetter

as burble as blurb

as tincture as toast

as silicate as femur

as tummy as ratio

as linger as honey

as peristalsis as rotophone

as member as mouse

as crested as rubber

as tangent as Phocis

as Goethe as grab

as massive as ass

as cytokine as lambic

as neutral as gas

as passion as particle

as moon as noon

as missile as treacle

as terror as tan

as limber as acid

as purple as vision

as languid as linguine

as lungfish as asteroid

as maybe as badger

as pulpit as masticate

as random as roach

as diverse as purse

as famished as pardon

as nascent as dragon

as still as suggestion

as ranch as rein

as rat as rind

as dark as fool

as whet as wine

as tool as mandible

as hawk as heel

as maker as leave

as janky as pain

as matter as mule

as clog as happening

dirt like manservant

franks like astrology

pine like happening

corn like igneous

patch like rattle

frame like verses

bang like batter

time like exegesis

writhe like leases

vapid like vapor

torpor like hangman

biscuit like louver

wrench like tankard

as grass as gross

as murder as dust

as maker as Johnson

as fragile as antfarm

as deciduous as toast

as lingering as Maastricht

as taken as lizard

as fragmentary as star

as ricochet as barbie

as fantasy as nose ring

as guava as chessboard

as laggard as maple

as doggerel as fantasy

as womb as bomb

as wonder as target

 as how as milk

coast like turnip

trouble like marmoset

credible like Range Rover

miscreant as seat

dank as receiver

doctor as limestone

merchant as crossroads

wrangle as memory

timely like Sunday

as master as nutritive

as far-fetched as longitude

as wicked as femur

as coffee as campaign

as walk as stopwatch

as tease as tarsal

as vapid as electrolyte

as tensile as harbinger

as treacle as Dorchester

as pean as fiction

dirt like lacquer

as flake as floe

as rasher as shoe

as rose as marzipan

as ester as fine

as roll as hope

as axe as timekeeping

as rushed as ramps

as terror as marshmallow

as tincture as atavism

as whorl as donkey

as black-hole as baby

as divot as doubt

as fidget as fade

as pancake as vapid

as cocktail as simian

as refracted as dissidence

as magic as granular

as pyre as people

as fool as need

as drip as fashion

as dig as skin tag

as callous as kerning

as boil as brute

as whole as mingle

as scotch as blanket

as fragment as tease

as muscle as fedora

as wish as wisdom

as madam as fame

as glad as gland

as picture as funnel

as hammock as funeral

as Bambi as Manhattan

 as yank as yes

as motor as murder

as peace as pie

as neutral as sentence

as if as ask

as meat as nurse

as neat as further

as dream as dropsy

as distant as Steve

as linger as permanent

as mass as carpet

as dingo as Django

as barter as fate

as raucous as mimsy

as wimple as neutron

as sandy as crayon

as maple as rambunctious

as facile as dude

as Lamord as Wasatch

file like massacre

ring like turpentine

assimilate like orange juice

asymptote like fumble

tribulate like Donkey Kong

revert like sincerity

recapitulate like Maybelline

tender like two-dimensional

effort like cheese

endoscope like leviathan

femur like fumarole

tankard like Disneyland

scintillate like flex

deviate like underwear

pimple like hazelnut

twaddle like Rosemarie

phantom like tin

loom like lumberjack

tease like Tuesday

purchase as windpower

zip as holeshot

sample as “Free Bird”

wander as mush

banter as Matterhorn

butter as bachelor

doula as Montana

value as Rigel

sizzle as rot

as rat as umbrage

as feasted as brow

as moon as murder

as plastic as power

as deft as donut

as bourgeois as rust

as ramshackle as trident

as dark as stopper

as chopped as cheese

as classy as membrane

as ransom as stoat

as burdened as flour

as fancy as lodestone

as ripped as rimmer

as tangled as twist

as binge as Labrador

as fight as mansion

as glass as Benjamin