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the Plausible Deniability Blog takes up where the PostModernVillage blog left off. While you'll see many of the same names here, PDB allows its writers and editors a space away from financial strum und drang that torpedoed the PMV blog.

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Numbers Just Don't Add Up

Why Purewater University would decide to not allow PostModern Village to publish a blog we didn't pay for in order to save the literary journal we do pay for is beyond me, but such are the times we live in.

So, after a few rather heated discussions with EastWesterly Review editor Lael Ewy, an amicable arrangement was made: myself, PB Wombat, Norma Perfect, TS DeHaviland, and a few others would spin off the PMV blog, which we would maintain on our own, our positions as EWR contributors and content editors secure.   

So if you're wondering where the blog went next time you visit PostModern Village and/or need something to tide you over until EWR returns from its convalescence after being hacked by rogue Russians, look no further.

--EW Wilder

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